Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flip Flops

Garance Dore, my absolutely favorite blogger, well she is more than that, she is an artist. She is beautiful, I adore her style, her blog is such an inspiration  her illustrations are incredible. I love everything about her! and her partner is Scott Shuman (from 'the sartorialist') what a combo! 

Anyway, one of her recent posts was about flip flops, she was saying how until a few years ago she didnt like them, but recently bought her first pair of Havainas and is loving them.

I love flip flops, if weather wasn't an issue I would wear them all year long, I've been known to walk  in them for miles, not a bother for me.

The sound they make while walking reminds me of my childhood, I love the way they look, they are smart, cute and very sexy. Yes, sexy. There is something minimalist, carefree and sexy about them, they go with everything. They are like the denim jacket worn with a very expensive gown.

I bring them to all my holidays, I have worn them everywhere, at the beach or in the city (NYC during July & august sweltering heat, in India, in Senegal where I lost one during torrential rain, a long story..).

If I had been brave enough I would have worn them as my wedding shoes.

My basic rules are:

- they should always be on the small side. Nothing worst than having flip flops that are too big, looking like you are wearing tennis rackets.

- pedicure done, nothing too perfect but cute varnish and 'fresh' looking feet are a must.

 - never EVER wear flip flop with heels, they should always be flat.


Beautiful Audrey Hepburn wearing a pair.

Jennisfer Aniston doing a casual chic in flip flops to perfection.

Giselle, who lets face it could wear a bin bag and look like perfection.

My favorites at the moments, slim gold and black Havaianas.

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